Water is life and a finite resource that our planet and all living animals need to survive and regenerate. 

Drinkable,  Clean water is vital not just for drinking, health and food processing, but economic development, Sanitation, Health, and food security.

Protecting all water resources(ocean, rivers, and groundwater) against contamination and its overuse will help secure this for this and the next generation.  

Start implementing small lifestyle changes daily to reduce consumption and contamination of water.  Every change will make a huge difference as people adapt and change their mindsets.

TIPS to conserve water at Home;

  • Rethink the type of plants/flowers that you plant - Go for more 'drought resistant'
  • Nurture and plant native trees, shrubs, and flowers around my home. It will limit lawn areas and reduce the loss of water.
  • Water plants at night or late afternoons
  • Drip irrigating system
  • Swap the bath for the shower
  • Stop filling your bath to the top, or taking long showers
  • Don't pull the plug on bathwater - use a bucket or hose connected to the outlet to reuse.
  • Close the tap, when brushing teeth or washing hands
  • Use a bucket in the shower and collect water while you are waiting for it to get warm.
  • Check pipes/taps for leaks and get them fixed immediately
  • Reduce flushing toilets or reduce the volume with each flush
  • Low flow faucets/toilets
  • Collect Rainwater for roofs
  • Collect water when backwashing your pool - Drums can be used or hose to recycle/distribute it to your garden.
  • Only run the dishwasher when it is fully loaded.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  • Get the septic system pumped out regularly.
  • Fix leaky piping, faucets and toilets, and only buy water-efficient appliances and fixtures.
  • Use non-toxic cleaners and “green” building materials in my home.
  • Learn how to dispose of unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • Abstain from using pesticides and herbicides. Stop toxins reaching or polluting water sources, protect children, pets, birds, and butterflies from lawn-care toxins
  • Wash vehicles with a bucket, at the carwash or on the grass - Not in the driveway or street


Collect rainwater from your rooftop - by adding a few drums to each downspout. Install a screen to keep debris out.


  • Reduce Cost to manage water - piping/chemicals/administration
  • Water that is collected has a variety of uses (watering lawns and gardens, washing your car, etc.)
  • Water can be stored for use during drought conditions
  • Diverts runoff from entering streams
  • Can prevent erosion
  • Less strain on a well/boreholes
  • Water Usage - Reduce Municipality Bills

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